Evaluation of 28 cases of mucormycosis

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SummaryMucormycosis is a rare but invasive fungal disease with high mortality. The present study aimed to retrospectively investigate the demographic characteristics, as well as the clinical, radiological and laboratory features and the results of treatment, in the patients followed in our hospital because of mucormycosis. The present study retrospectively evaluated 28 cases, which were followed in our hospital because of mucormycosis between January 2002 and July 2013. The clinical form was rhinocerebral in 27 cases (rhinoorbital in 12, nasal in 8 and rhinoorbitocerebral in 7) and disseminated in one case. With regard to predisposing factors, diabetes mellitus (n = 20), haematological malignancy (n = 6) and chronic renal insufficiency (n = 5) were the leading concomitant diseases. Seventeen (61%) of 28 cases showed atypical clinical picture. With regard to the therapeutic outcomes; it was found that 14 (50%) cases died and six cases recovered with sequel. Today, when particularly the prevalence of immunosuppressive diseases and conditions are gradually increasing, the incidence of mucormycosis is also increased. Considering that the majority of our cases had atypical clinical involvement and complications, being familiar with the characteristics of this disease could be life-saving together with early diagnosis and treatment.

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