Book Review: Nanotechnology in Dermatology

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Nanotechology in Dermatology is an informative account of the current state of how nanotechnology is being applied to advance skin care. The chapters span a diverse set of topics, ranging from the design of high performance hair and nail care consumer products to the development of truly innovative therapeutic approaches that promise to revolutionize treatment of skin disease. Editors Adnan Nasir, Adam Friedman and Steven Wang in this first edition book have recruited a set of esteemed worldwide experts to author short chapters that are easy to read and written at a level that will appeal to and inform a broad readership, including seasoned professionals and curious citizens. Each chapter concludes with an extensive reference list that will serve as a starting point for follow-up scholarly research. This book is the first of its kind and is a must read for professionals and students interested in the field of nanodermatology.

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