Brain-targeted polymeric nanoparticles:in vivoevidence of different routes of administration in rodents

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Aims, materials & methods:

The capacity of polymeric nanoparticles (NPs) to reach the target regardless of the administration route is a neglected field of investigation in pharmaceutical nanotechnology. Therefore, after having demonstrated in previous studies that glycopeptide-engineered NPs (g7-NPs) were able to reach the brain after intravenous administrations in rodents, this article aims to evaluate whether they can reach the CNS when administered by different routes.

Results & conclusions:

The confocal microphotographs on murine brain sections showed the capability of g7-NPs to reach the target also after intraperitoneal, intranasal and oral administrations. This could open new vistas for the future application of g7-NPs in the therapeutic treatment of CNS diseases.

Results & conclusions:

Original submitted 19 April 2012; Revised submitted 3 September 2012; Published online 8 April 2013

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