Efficient intracellular delivery of siRNA with a safe multitargeted lipid-based nanoplatform

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The design of novel F3-targeted liposomes with adequate features for systemic administration, to enable efficient intracellular delivery of siRNA toward both cancer and endothelial cells from angiogenic blood vessels.

Materials & methods:

Cellular association studies were performed by flow cytometry. Gene silencing was evaluated with eGFP-overexpressing cells, by flow cytometry and real-time reverse-transcription PCR. Safety and immunogenicity was assessed in CD1 mice.


A strong improvement on siRNA internalization by the target cells was achieved, which was correlated with effective downregulation of eGFP. In addition, the F3-targeted liposomes were nonimmunogenic, even in a multiadministration schedule.


Overall, the developed F3-targeted nanocarrier constitutes a valuable tool for the specific and safe systemic delivery of siRNA to solid tumors.


Original submitted 19 April 2012; Revised submitted 12 September 2012; Published online 8 February 2013

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