Large pore mesoporous silica induced weight loss in obese mice

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There is a need for medical treatments to curb the rising rate of obesity. Weight reduction is correlated with a decrease in associated risk factors and cholesterol levels in humans. Amorphous silica particles have been found to exert a hypocholesterolemic effect in humans, making them popular dietary additives. Aim: To investigate the effect of mesoporous silica, which possess sharp pore size distributions, on: weight loss, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose blood levels in obese mice.

Materials & methods:

Mesoporous silicas with differing pore size were mixed in the high-fat diet of obese mice.


Animals receiving large pore mesoporous silica with a high-fat diet show a significant reduction in body weight and fat composition, with no observable negative effects.


Pore size is an important parameter for reduction of body weight and body fat composition by mesoporous silica, demonstrating promising signs for the treatment of obesity.

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