Room-temperature magnetoresistance in an oxide material with an ordered double-perovskite structure

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Colossal magnetoresistance-a huge decrease in resistance in response to a magnetic field-has recently been observed in manganese oxides with perovskite structure. This effect is attracting considerable interest from both fundamental and practical points of view [1]. In the context of using this effect in practical devices, a noteworthy feature of these materials is the high degree of spin polarization of the charge carriers, caused by the half-metallic nature of these materials [20,21]; this in principle allows spin-dependent carrier scattering processes, and hence the resistance, to be strongly influenced by low magnetic fields. This type of field control has been demonstrated for charge-carrier scattering at tunnelling junctions [2,3] and at crystal-twin or ceramic grain boundaries [4,5], although the operating temperature of such structures is still too low (

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