Testicular germline stem cells

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| Stem cells have the ability to both differentiate into other mature cell types and maintain an undifferentiated state by self-renewal. These unique properties form the basis for stem cell use in organ replacement and tissue regeneration in clinical medicine. Currently, embryonic stem cells are the best-studied stem cell type. However alternative stem cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells and other adult stem cells are also being actively investigated for their potential for cell-based therapy. Among adult stem cells, emerging research has focused on evaluating the pluripotency potential of testis stem cells. To date, stem cells with embryonic-like potential have been created from adult testis germ cells. These cells could provide patient-specific, non-embryo-derived stem cells for men in the future.Kee, K. et al. Nat. Rev. Urol.7, 94-100 (2010); published online 19 January 2010

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