Therapeutic strategies for patients with micropenis or penile dysmorphic disorder

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Micropenis in adults is defined as a stretched length of <7.5 cm. Many aetiologies exist, including congenital and endocrinological causes as well as pathological conditions, such as penile lichen sclerosus, trauma and genital cancer. The resulting reduction in functional penile length can lead to considerable psychosexual morbidity. Furthermore, the subset of patients with micropenis who also suffer from penile dysmorphic disorder require careful and intensive psychological counselling. Corrective surgery for micropenis can be performed in patients with realistic expectations. Total phalloplasty using radial-artery-based forearm skin flaps can offer restoration of normal penile length in selected patients. More-conservative surgical techniques to improve length or girth are limited by minimal enhancement but associated with a significantly lower rate of complications and comorbidity compared to total phalloplasty. Emerging tissue engineering techniques might represent a suitable alternative to penile replacement surgery in the future.

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