Anthropogenic emissions of NOX, NH3 and N2O in India

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Emissions of NOx, NH3 and N2O from anthropogenic activities in India have been estimated based on actual field measurements as well as available default methodologies. The NOx emissions are mainly from the transport sector and contribute about 5% of the global NOx emission from fossil fuel. NH3 emissions from urea seems to be highly uncertain. However, emissions of NH3 from fertilizers and livestock are estimated to be 1175 Gg and 1433 Gg, respectively. N2O emissions seem to be derived predominantly from fertilizer applications, resulting in the release of 199–279 Gg N2O. Other sources of N2O, viz. agricultural residue burning, biomass burning for energy and nitric acid production are estimated to be 3, 35–187 and 2–7 Gg, respectively.

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