Functional state of the anticoagulation system after the administration of complexes formed by natural heparin and the regulatory peptides, Pro-Gly, Pro-Gly-Pro, Semax, and tuftsin

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The literature data, as well as our own results on the long-term study of complexes formed by heparin and the regulatory peptides Pro-Gly, Pro-Gly-Pro, Semax, and tuftsin, are reviewed. The protective anticoagulation effects of these complexes on the plasma-platelet parameters of haemostasis are demonstrated. The effects were observed under in vitro conditions after different methods of administration (intranasal, oral, intraperitoneal, and intravenous) to healthy animals (rats) and to animals with depression of the anticoagulation system. The oligopeptide-heparin complexes were found to prevent the threat of clot formation.

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