Studies of the behavioral effects of a novel endogenous modulator of the serotonergic system, 5-hydroxytryptamine-moduline

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We studied effects of a new endogenous peptide, 5-hydroxytryptamine-moduline (5-HT-moduline), which specifically interacts with 5-HTIB auto and hetero-receptors in rats. The data from anxiety tests suggested that an increase in the endogenous level of 5-HT-moduline has an anxiogenic effect, which supports the hypothesis that 5-HT-moduline plays a major role in the development of anxious and, possibly, depressive behavior. In contrast, the induction of autoantibodies to 5-HT-moduline by active immunization of rats by covalent conjugates of 5-HT-moduline had a long-term anxiolytic and antidepressant effect, which was accompanied by an increase in the level of 5-HT in the striatum. Inhibition of the anxiogenic effect following introduction of two anxiogenic agents, 5-HT-moduline and cholecystokinin-4 (CCK-4), indicated that CCK-B and 5-HTIB receptors interacted during the modulation of anxious behavior.

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