Systematic review and meta-analyses of useful field of view cognitive training

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HighlightsUseful Field of View training improves neural outcomes, speed of processing, and attention.Useful Field of View training improves older adults’ everyday function.Improvements from Useful Field of View training endure across ten years.Systematic review and meta-analyses were conducted of Useful Field of View (UFOV) training, which was evaluated by Institute of Medicine criteria. Forty-four studies of UFOV training from 17 randomized trials conducted among adults were identified in systematic review. Results addressing the Institute of Medicine criteria indicated that: (a) UFOV training enhanced neural outcomes, speed of processing, and attention. (b) UFOV training effects were equivalent when compared to active- or no-contact control conditions. (c) UFOV training showed far transfer to everyday function. (d) Improvements on the trained skills endured across ten years. (e) Half of the clinical trials identified were conducted by researchers without financial interests in UFOV training. Results indicated that UFOV training effects were larger for adaptive- than non-adaptive training techniques, and in community-based as compared to clinical samples. UFOV training did not transfer to other neuropsychological outcomes, but positively enhanced well-being, health, and quality of life longitudinally. Criticisms of cognitive training are addressed. UFOV training should be implemented among older adults to improve real-world functional outcomes and well-being.

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