Interhemisphere Connections of Eye Dominance Columns in the Cat Visual Cortex in Conditions of Impaired Binocular Vision

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Data from studies of interhemisphere connections in fields 17 and 18 of cats reared in conditions of impaired binocular vision (monocular deprivation, uni- and bilateral strabismus) are presented. Monosynaptic connections between neurons were studied by microiontophoretic application of horseradish peroxidase into cortical eye dominance columns and the distributions of retrograde labeled callosal cells were analyzed. Spatial asymmetry and eye-specific interhemisphere neuron connections persisted in conditions of monocular deprivation and strabismus. Quantitative changes in connections were less marked in monocular deprivation than strabismus. In cats with impaired binocular vision, as in intact animals, the widths of callosal-receiving zones were greater than the widths of the callosal cell zones, which is evidence for the non-reciprocity of interhemisphere connections in cortical areas distant from the projection of the vertical meridian. Morphofunctional differences between cells mediating connections in the opposite directions are proposed.

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