Trendsetting and product placement in Bollywood film: Consumerism through consumption

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This paper looks at the relatively new practice of in-film advertizing in popular Hindi films. Acknowledging the impact of popular films and iconic stars since the 1940s and 50s on styles, trends and ideology, the paper explores how this powerful medium is now being used for product placement and brand endorsement in India. Appealing to the rising affluence of Indian audiences, branded goods are most likely to appear in films such as high-end luxury consumer goods like mobile phones, cars and motorcycles. Realizing the potential of celebrity endorsements and the advantages of in-film placements, the advertizing industry views movies as the optimum medium for building brands. Equally, the film industry is happy to accommodate in-film advertizing as it serves to defray production costs, as well as the costs of marketing and promoting films. This trend, which is likely to grow, encourages consumerism through consumption in a growing market economy.

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