An Intervention to Promote Civility Among Nursing Students

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The purpose of this exploratory, mixed-methods study was to test an intervention to build social capital and civility among nursing students.


Incivility impacts nurses and nursing students, and can negatively influence patient care and the quality of nursing education. The Institute of Medicine and the Joint Commission recommended implementation of strategies to manage incivility and build social capital.


Twenty-five student nurses completed the Ways of Coping Questionnaire and participated in interviews; 10 participated in the intervention, a journal club focused on civility in nursing. This study provided insight into student nurses' perceptions of civility.


Participation in the intervention changed students' attitudes and behavior regarding civility. Specifically, students refused to participate in uncivil behavior, helped peers, were supportive, and tried to prevent or avoid incivility.


Expansion of this study to further test the impact of civility-focused journal clubs is recommended.

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