A Mixed-Method Study on the Socialization Process in Clinical Nursing Faculty

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To explore the socialization process from staff nurse to clinical faculty member and identify an emerging theory of this process. To identify characteristics essential to the clinical faculty role and the areas of role strain experienced by clinical faculty.


Nursing faculty, including clinical faculty, are the greatest area of need in today's nursing shortage. Their retention requires socialization to the role.


In this mixed-method study, 10 clinical faculty shared their experience of transition from staff nurse to faculty in focus groups or interviews and completed the Nursing Clinical Teaching Effectiveness Inventory and Role Strain Scale.


Statistically significant correlations were found between responses to both instruments. Five stages of an emerging substantive theory on socialization of clinical faculty were identified.


There is a process of socialization to the role of clinical faculty member. Administrators and course coordinators can take specific actions in facilitating successful transition to the role.

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