Promoting Academic Integrity in an Online RN-BSN Program

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The goal of this quasi-experimental study was to investigate an academic integrity (AI) intervention in an online RN to BSN nursing program.


Academic integrity is an issue in academia, with problems in this area increased by the proliferation of online and alternative learning environments.


Students newly admitted to a RN to BSN nursing program were randomly assigned to a control group (n = 169), which received the usual honor code exposure, or a treatment group (n = 177), which received a faculty-designed intervention. At the completion of the semester, students were asked to complete an academic integrity survey tool.


Overall self-reported cheating was very low in both groups. Students in the treatment group reported higher levels of faculty and student support for AI policies and perceived these policies to be more effective (p < .05).


While more research is needed in the area of AI, especially in post-licensure nursing students, faculty-initiated discussions appear to foster a culture of AI.

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