A Correlational Study of a Reading Comprehension Program and Attrition Rates of ESL Nursing Students in Texas

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AIMThe purpose of this study was to examine the associations between English as a second language (ESL), a reading comprehension program, and attrition rates of nursing students.BACKGROUNDHigher attrition rates of ESL nursing students are an assumption, seemingly based on anecdotal evidence. Data reflecting ESL student attrition should be measured and analyzed so that students can be identified prior to attrition.METHODA secondary analysis of a large database of 27 initial licensure programs in Texas was completed.RESULTSData analysis identified that ESL students who used a reading comprehension program were almost twice as likely to be off track or out of the program as ESL students who did not use the program.CONCLUSIONNurse educators need to evaluate student profile characteristics in a comprehensive way when determining risk of attrition.

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