Constructive Feedback Teaching Strategy: A Multisite Study of Its Effectiveness

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AIMThe study purpose was to describe students’ perceptions of feedback after participating in a teaching strategy designed to foster a view of feedback as an opportunity for improvement.BACKGROUNDAlthough delivering and receiving constructive feedback are essential to the role of the professional nurse, feedback has been identified as a trigger for incivility in academia and practice.METHODTwelve nurse educators from the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Academic Task Force, located at nine schools of nursing across the nation, implemented a presentation about giving and receiving constructive feedback in junior and senior courses.RESULTSFive hundred twenty-three students submitted a total of 985 posts or essays in response to viewing the presentation; seven themes were identified.CONCLUSIONViewing this teaching strategy enabled nursing students to develop an awareness of the opportunity that constructive feedback presents for professional development, self-improvement, teamwork and collaboration, and patient safety.

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