Nogo-A regulates spatial learning as well as memory formation and modulates structural plasticity in the adult mouse hippocampus

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Behavioral learning has been shown to involve changes in the function and structure of synaptic connections of the central nervous system (CNS). On the other hand, the neuronal circuitry in the mature brain is characterized by a high degree of stability possibly providing a correlate for long-term storage of information. This observation indicates the requirement for a set of molecules inhibiting plasticity and promoting stability thereby providing temporal and spatial specificity to plastic processes. Indeed, signaling of Nogo-A via its receptors has been shown to play a crucial role in restricting activity-dependent functional and structural plasticity in the adult CNS. However, whether Nogo-A controls learning and memory formation and what are the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying this function is still unclear. Here we show that Nogo-A signaling controls spatial learning and reference memory formation upon training in the Morris water maze and negatively modulates structural changes at spines in the mouse hippocampus. Learning processes and the correlated structural plasticity have been shown to involve changes in excitatory as well as in inhibitory neuronal connections. We show here that Nogo-A is highly expressed not only in excitatory, but also in inhibitory, Parvalbumin positive neurons in the adult hippocampus. By this means our current and previous data indicate that Nogo-A loss-of-function positively influences spatial learning by priming the neuronal structure to a higher plasticity level.

Taken together our results link the role of Nogo-A in negatively regulating plastic processes to a physiological function in controlling learning and memory processes in the mature hippocampus and open the interesting possibility that it might mainly act by controlling the function of the hippocampal inhibitory circuitry.

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