CNE:Using Evidence-Based Practice to Move Beyond Doing Things the Way We Have Always Done Them

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Contemporary health care demands better care for individuals with kidney disease. In the quest for the Triple Aim of health care - improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care - nephrology nurses can no longer afford to practice the way we have always done. Instead, it is critical to consider the best available evidence, personal expertise, and patient/family preference when engaging in clinical decision-making. This article provides the steps to develop an evidence-based project to address a clinical problem.GoalThe purpose of this article is to discuss evidence-based practice and its use in nursing.ObjectivesDiscuss the impact evidence has on nursing practice.Identify the process and steps of developing a clinical question that addresses a clinical problem.Describe sources of evidence, data collection processes and tools, and steps to follow for evidence evaluation.Explore the factors that impact incorporating evidence into nursing practice.

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