Determining Nurse Staffing for Peritoneal Dialysis Care

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Figueiredo, A.F., de Souza Urbanetto, J., Bernardini, J., & Lameira Vieira, K. (2016). Determining nurse staffing for peritoneal dialysis care. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 43(5), 419–426.

There is no consensus on the ideal staffing levels for peritoneal dialysis (PD) units. The objective of this two-phase study was to evaluate nurse staffing levels in a PD unit based on activities and time spent performing them. An instrument was created based on nursing activities identified by a focus group, and the time spent performing these activities was measured over a four-month period. Forty-seven activities were identified, including care assistance activities (29), management activities (12), educational activities (5), and research activities (1). Direct patient care predominated, consuming 55.3% of overall time worked. Based on time spent per activity, we estimate that 70.2 hours of nursing care is required to care for one patient for one year.

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