Just-in-Time Training: A Novel Approach to Quality Improvement Education

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Just-in-time training (JITT) is accepted in medical education as a training method for newer concepts or seldom-performed procedures. Providing JITT to a large nursing staff may be an effective method to teach quality improvement (Qi) initiatives. We sought to determine if JITT could increase knowledge of a specific nutrition Qi initiative.

Members of the nutrition Qi team interviewed staff using the Frontline Contextual Inquiry to assess knowledge regarding the specific QI project. The inquiry was completed pre- and post-JITT. A JITT educational cart was created, which allowed trainers to bring the educational information to the bedside for a short, small group educational session.

The results demonstrated a marked improvement in the knowledge of the frontline staff regarding our Vermont Oxford Network involvement and the specifics of the nutrition QI project.

Just-in-time training can be a valuable and effective method to disseminate QI principles to a large audience of staff members.

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