NF2: Relation to grades or histotypes real time-PCR study gene expression in sporadic meningiomas: Relation to grades or histotypes real time-PCR study

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One of the most common regions involved in the meningiomas tumorigenesis is chromosome 22q where the NF2 gene resides. The deficiency or loss of the NF2 gene product, merlin/schwannomin, plays a role in tumor development and metastatization. Conflicting results have been reported on the prognostic value of merlin in meningiomas. Several studies have indicated NF2 gene inactivation as an early tumorigenic event unrelated to the histological grade or clinical behavior. On the contrary, the NF2 gene alteration rate differs between the different histotypes. A pathogenesis independent from the NF2 gene has been suggested in meningothelial meningiomas. In the present work, we studied the NF2 gene expression through real time-PCR (RT-PCR) in 30 meningiomas. The average of the NF2 gene expression of all meningiomas was considered as reference value. The average of expression of WHO grade I and II meningiomas was higher than the average of all meningiomas, whereas that of WHO grade III meningiomas was lower. When we compared the NF2 gene expression in the different meningioma grades we did not note a significant difference (P = 0.698) despite the tendency to decrease from grade I to grade III. The average expression of meningothelial meningiomas was higher than the reference value, and that of non-meningothelial meningiomas was lower. The difference in NF2 gene expression between meningothelial and non-meningothelial meningiomas was statistically significant (P = 0.013). Our data supports the finding that alterations in NF2 gene alteration are histotype related but not grade related.

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