Influence of allograft weight to recipient bodyweight ratio on outcome of cadaveric renal transplantation

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Aim:One of the factors that may affect survival and function of kidney graft is its functional mass.Methods:In a prospective study, we investigated the impact of the ratio between donor kidney weight in grams and recipient bodyweight in kilograms (DKW/RBW) on creatinine clearance, inulin clearance, and proteinuria: 154 kidneys from deceased donors were weighed and the mean kidney weight was 227 ± 59 g, the bodyweight of the recipients was 64 ± 19 kg.Results:This study showed significant lower values of modification of diet in renal disease (MDRD) in patients with DKW/RBW ratio 2.5 g/kg and between 2.5 and 4.5 g/kg compared with those with DKW/RBW ratio >4.5 g/kg as well as in patients with DKW/RBW ratio <3 g/kg and between 3 and 4 g/kg compared with those with DKW/RBW ratio >4 g/kg; moreover a random coefficient model showed a different time evolution in creatinine clearance values in patients with DKW/RBW ≤ 3 g/kg when compared with patients with DKW/RBW ratio >4 g/kg. There were significant lower values of inulin clearance in patients with DKW/RBW ratio between 2.5 and 4.5 g/kg compared with those with DKW/RBW ratio >4.5 g/kg at 12 post-transplant months and a significantly greater occurrence and earlier appearance of proteinuria in the recipients with DKW/RBW ratio <2.5 g/kg. DKW/RBW ratio did not influence DGF incidence and graft survival. Donor and recipient gender, number of acute rejection episodes and donor age also significantly influenced MDRD values.Conclusions:Measurements of graft weight as well as donor kidney and recipient body matching should be recommended as influencing renal function.SUMMARY AT A GLANCEIn this prospective French study Codas et al. examine the influence of allograft weight on kidney outcome, showing that a higher allograft weight was associated better long-term MDRD measured graft function. This study indicates that weight of the allograft may be another variable that can be considered to help predict kidney transplant outcome.

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