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T cell receptor BV gene usage in interstitial cellular infiltrates in active Heymann nephritis
Urinary albumin excretion rate and glomerular filtration rate in the prediction of diabetic nephropathy; a long-term follow-up study of childhood onset type-1 diabetic patients
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Strong depletion of CD14+CD16+ monocytes during haemodialysis treatment
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Quantitative flow cytometry shows activation of the TNF-α system but not of the IL-2 system at the single cell level in renal replacement therapy
Methylene blue, a nitric oxide inhibitor, prevents haemodialysis hypotension
Endothelial dysfunction marker von Willebrand factor antigen in haemodialysis patients: associations with pre-dialysis blood pressure and the acute phase response
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of supplementary vitamins E, C and their combination for treatment of haemodialysis cramps
Factors associated with increased serum levels of cardiac troponins T and I in chronic haemodialysis patients: Chronic Haemodialysis And New Cardiac Markers Evaluation (CHANCE) study
Long-term CAPD patients are volume expanded and display more severe left ventricular hypertrophy than haemodialysis patients
Better microvascular function on long-term treatment with lisinopril than with nifedipine in renal transplant recipients
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Dialysis membranes in convective treatments
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