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Downregulation of parathyroid hormone receptor gene expression and osteoblastic dysfunction associated with skeletal resistance to parathyroid hormone in a rat model of renal failure with low turnover bone
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Oxalate clearance by haemodialysis—a comparison of seven dialysers
Albumin and hydroxyethyl starch 130 kDa/0.4 improve filter clearance and haemocompatibility in haemo- and plasmafiltration—an in vitro study
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Nutcracker phenomenon or nutcracker syndrome?
Nutcracker phenomenon or nutcracker syndrome?
Vascular access cannulation and the end of religion: is it time or our own human variables that determine success?
Vascular access cannulation and the end of religion: is it time or our own human variables that determine success?
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Nutcracker phenomenon or nutcracker syndrome?