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Wearable artificial kidneys…2008. What's new?
Wearable artificial kidneys…2008. What's new?
Evaluation of the proximal tubular function in hereditary renal Fanconi syndrome
Role of endogenous cardiotonic steroids in sodium homeostasis
An infallible recipe? A story of cinnamon, soufflé and meta-analysis
The bone-renal axis in early chronic kidney disease: an emerging paradigm
Coming back to dialysis after kidney transplant failure
Notch receptors: a new target in glomerular diseases*
SLC2A9—a fructose transporter identified as a novel uric acid transporter*
Pioglitazone attenuates diabetic nephropathy through an anti-inflammatory mechanism in type 2 diabetic rats
Cinacalcet does not affect longitudinal growth but increases body weight gain in experimental uraemia
Rapamycin attenuates the severity of established nephritis in lupus-prone NZB/W F1 mice
Inhibition of mineralocorticoid receptors with eplerenone alleviates short-term cyclosporin A nephrotoxicity in conscious rats
Protective effect of COMP-angiopoietin-1 on cyclosporine-induced renal injury in mice
Lysosomal enzymuria is a feature of hereditary Fanconi syndrome and is related to elevated CI-mannose-6-P-receptor excretion
Absence of vascular remodelling in a high angiotensin-II state (Bartter's and Gitelman's syndromes): implications for angiotensin II signalling pathways
Moderately decreased renal function negatively affects the health-related quality of life among the elderly Korean population: a population-based study
Predictors of change in estimated GFR: a population-based 7-year follow-up from the Tromsø study
Kidney function decline and physical function in women
Effects of albuminuria and renal dysfunction on development of dyslipidaemia in type 2 diabetes—the Hong Kong Diabetes Registry
Transforming growth factor-β1 is associated with kidney damage in patients with essential hypertension: renoprotective effect of ACE inhibitor and/or angiotensin II receptor blocker
The effect of eicosapentaenoic acid on renal function and volume in patients with ADPKD
Coronary artery bypass surgery and acute kidney injury—impact of the off-pump technique
Calcium load during administration of calcium carbonate or sevelamer in individuals with normal renal function
Delayed severe pneumonia in mycophenolate mofetil-treated patients with IgA nephropathy
Longitudinal observations on circadian blood pressure variation in chronic kidney disease stages 3–5
Association of inflammation with anaemia in patients with chronic kidney disease not requiring chronic dialysis
A formula to predict corrected calcium in haemodialysis patients
Evaluation of parathyroid gland angiogenesis in chronic kidney disease associated with secondary hyperparathyroidism
Calcium-mediated parathyroid hormone release changes in patients treated with the calcimimetic agent cinacalcet
Use of a renal-specific oral supplement by haemodialysis patients with low protein intake does not increase the need for phosphate binders and may prevent a decline in nutritional status and quality of life
Platelet activation in clinical haemodialysis: LMWH as a major contributor to bio-incompatibility?
The effect of n-3 fatty acids on lipids and lipoproteins in patients treated with chronic haemodialysis: a randomized placebo-controlled intervention study
Protein adsorption during LDL-apheresis: proteomic analysis
Cardiac troponin T predicts occult coronary artery stenosis in patients with chronic kidney disease at the start of renal replacement therapy
Effect of a quality improvement strategy on several haemodialysis outcomes
Facility factors dominate the ability to achieve target haemoglobin levels in haemodialysis patients
Excess mortality due to interaction between protein-energy wasting, inflammation and cardiovascular disease in chronic dialysis patients
Towards improved cardiovascular management: the necessity of combining blood pressure and fluid overload
Predicting technique survival in peritoneal dialysis patients: comparing artificial neural networks and logistic regression
Longitudinal relationships between fluid status, inflammation, urine volume and plasma metabolites of icodextrin in patients randomized to glucose or icodextrin for the long exchange
The relationship between bone morphogenic protein-7 and peritoneal transport characteristics
Marked variation in the definition and diagnosis of delayed graft function: a systematic review
Serum cystatin C performs similarly to traditional markers of kidney function in the evaluation of donor kidney function prior to and following unilateral nephrectomy
Renal transplantation in adults with Henoch-Schönlein purpura: long-term outcome
Association between cytokine gene polymorphisms and outcomes in renal transplantation: a meta-analysis of individual patient data
ERA-EDTA—a dynamic association moving forward
Nephrectomy in an autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) patient with rapid kidney enlargement and increased expression of EGFR
Relapsed Wegener's granulomatosis after rituximab therapy—B cells are present in new pathological lesions despite persistent ‘depletion’ of peripheral blood
‘O’, erythropoietin carbamoylation versus carbamylation
‘O’, erythropoietin carbamoylation versus carbamylation
Results from the RISCAVID study: is haemodiafiltration associated with improved survival?
Results from the RISCAVID study: is haemodiafiltration associated with improved survival?
EPO induces rise in serum ADMA but does not prevent the increase in NO release: the likely involvement of HO-1
EPO induces rise in serum ADMA but does not prevent the increase in NO release: the likely involvement of HO-1
Glomerular endothelial NOS (eNOS) expression in type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy
Glomerular endothelial NOS (eNOS) expression in type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy