A path of hope for organ transplantation in China?
Improved cognitive performance after a single dialysis session
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Qualitative research methods in renal medicine
Opponent's comments
Opponent's comments
Moderator's view
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Renal Fanconi syndrome
Prevention of peritoneal dialysis-related infections
Changes in the aetiology, clinical presentation and management of acute interstitial nephritis, an increasingly common cause of acute kidney injury
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Hydrogen sulfide accelerates the recovery of kidney tubules after renal ischemia/reperfusion injury
Looking to the future
Iron supplementation associates with low mortality in pre-dialyzed advanced chronic kidney disease patients receiving erythropoiesis-stimulating agents
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Phosphate, fibroblast growth factor 23 and retinopathy in chronic kidney disease
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Effect of a single dialysis session on cognitive function in CKD5D patients
Improved survival associated with acetate-free haemodialysis in elderly
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A randomized, open-label trial of iron isomaltoside 1000 (Monofer®) compared with iron sucrose (Venofer®) as maintenance therapy in haemodialysis patients
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