Ganglioside Changes in Brain in Chronic Relapsing Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis Induced in the Lewis Rat

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Chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (CREAE) was induced in Lewis rats by inoculation with guinea-pig myelin and complete Freund's adjuvant followed by treatment with low-dose cyclosporin A. Rats were sacrified at different phases of the disease (just before the onset of clinical signs, during the first clinical episode of CREAE and during the first recovery). Gangliosides were extracted from the brain, analysed after purification by HPTLC fractionation and quantified densitometrically. An increase of GM1, the main rat myelin ganglioside, and a decrease of GT1b, suggested to play a role in mediating the interactions between oligodendroglia and axons, were observed during the development of the CREAE. These findings indicating significant ganglioside changes in CREAE give further support to the concept concerning the involvement of gangliosides in autoimmune demyelination.

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