Functional thrombin receptor PAR1 in primary cultures of human glioblastoma cells

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IN this study we investigated primary cultures obtained from two glioblastomas surgically removed from a 64-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman, respectively. The presence of the tethered ligand thrombin receptor PAR1 (protease-activated receptor 1) in these cells was demonstrated at the level of receptor binding by using immunofluorescence studies with the monoclonal anti-PAR1 antibody Mab 31–2. Stimulation of human glioblastoma cells both wit hα-thrombin and the thrombin receptor activating peptide TRAP-6 resulted in a series of [Ca+]i spikes as shown by confocal laser fluorescence microscopy with fluo-3 as calcium sensitive fluorescence indicator. This effect was completely blocked with the thrombin receptor antagonist peptide T1. Our results demonstrate functional thrombin receptors (PAR1) in primary cultures of human glioblastomas for the first time.

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