Spectral components of cytosolic [Ca2+] spiking in neurons

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WE show here, by means of evolutionary spectral analysis and synthesis of cytosolic Ca2+ ([Ca2+]c) spiking observed at the single cell level using digital imaging fluorescence microscopy of fura-2-loaded mouse cerebellar granule cells in culture, that [Ca2+]c spiking can be resolved into evolutionary spectra of a characteristic set of frequencies. Non-delayed small spikes on top of sustained [Ca2+]c were synthesized by a main component frequency, 0.13 2 ± 0.01 2 Hz, showing its maximal amplitude in phase with the start of depolarization (2 5 mM KCl) combined with caffeine (1 0 mM) application. Delayed complex responses of large [Ca2+]c spiking observed in cells from a different set of cultures were synthesized by a set of frequencies within the range 0.018–0.11 7 Hz. Differential frequency patterns are suggested as characteristics of the [Ca2+]c spiking responses of neurons under different conditions.

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