Neurotrophin-3 and trkC in muscle are non-essential for the development of mouse muscle spindles

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NEUROTROPHIN -3 (NT3) or TrkC null mutant mice were examined for the presence of muscle spindles. Muscles of mastication, but not limbs, contained spindles in newborn and adolescent mutants. The intramuscular distribution and morphological properties of spindles in mutant masticatory muscles were indistinguishable from those of wild-type spindles. Intrafusal fibers of NT3- or trkC-deficient spindles expressed the slow-tonic isoform of myosin heavy chains, characteristic of wild-type spindles. Sensory nerve endings were observed in spindles of mutants by electron microscopy. Thus, NT3 or trkC, which is expressed in wild-type spindles, may serve functions other than those related to spindle assembly. Presumably, proprioceptive neurons innervating jaw muscles are dependent on factors other than NT3 for survival and maintenance.

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