Changes in interferon-regulatory factor-1 mRNA levels after transient ischemia in rat brain

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TO evaluate whether the interferon system in the brain is activated by a severe form of metabolic stress, and to elucidate the possible mechanism underlying this activation, changes in the interferon regulatory factor-1 (irf-1) mRNA levels were evaluated after transient cerebral ischemia, and after exposure of primary neuronal cells to experimental conditions resulting in a depletion of ER calcium stores. Following 30 min ischemia and 2 h recovery, irf-1 mRNA levels rose significantly and stayed high for up to 24 h of recovery. Irf-1 mRNA levels were also significantly increased in neurons in vitro after exposing cells to conditions resulting in ER calcium store depletion with or without a parallel increase in cytoplasmic calcium activity. It is concluded that transient cerebral ischemia induces activation of the interferon system and that disturbances of ER calcium homeostasis may play a role in this process.

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