Postnatal changes in TASK-1 and TREK-1 expression in rat brain stem and cerebellum

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Developmental changes in expression of two-pore domain K+ channels, TASK-1 and TREK-1, were investigated in the juvenile (postnatal day 13; P13) and adult (P105) rat brain stem and cerebellum using immunohistochemistry. In the juvenile, extensive TASK-1-like immunoreactivity (TASK-1-LIR) was seen among glial cells in the white matter (e.g., radial glia), which showed marked reduction in the adult. In contrast, TASK-1-LIR in neurons including cerebellar Purkinje and granule cells, hypoglossal and facial motoneurons, and ventrolateral medulla neurons was increased in the adult. TASK-1-LIR in neuroglia surrounding peripheral axons of cranial nerves was persistent. TREK-1-LIR was similar between ages, although TREK-1-LIR was neuronal and present only in juvenile cerebellar external germinal layer. Present results suggest roles for TASK-1 and K+ homeostasis in neuro-glial interaction, neurogenesis, differentiation, migration, axon guidance, synaptogenesis and myelination.

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