Nogo-66 receptor at the gap junctions between pituicytes of the rat

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Nogo-66 receptor was first identified in neurons. Recently, it was demonstrated in glial cells as well. Our previous study on the expression of Nogo-66 receptor in the cerebellum of the rat surprisingly found its location at the glial gap junctions. Here, we present our study on Nogo-66 receptor in the rat posterior pituitary, which is densely packed with pituicytes, a special type of astrocyte, and is known to be rich in gap junctions. We were able to demonstrate with immunohistochemistry and immuno-electron microscopy abundant Nogo-66 receptor immunoreactive gap junctions between pituicytes. This study, together with our prior one, strongly suggests that the Nogo-66 receptor may play a role in regulating the function of the gap junctions.

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