ALCOHOLIC MMPI SUBTYPES: Relationship To Drinking Styles, Benefits, And Consequences

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The present study was designed, first, to attempt to replicate the previously derived Goldstein and Linden Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory alcoholic personality subtypes, and second, to relate these personality patterns to a multidimensional measure of alcohol usage. Two of the previously obtained profile types were replicated through two independent cluster analytic procedures. These subtypes were defined as psychopathic and neurotic-depressive, respectively. Higher levels of drinking-related impairment were associated with anxiety and depression, while lower levels of impairment were related to psychopathic features among patients hospitalized primarily for alcoholism. However, relatively heterogeneous, distinctive configurations of reported drinking benefits, styles, and consequences were found across the Goldstein- Linden subtypes. Methodological factors potentially contributing to the failure to replicate two of the previously derived subtypes were discussed. The potential therapeutic utility of a multivariate classification of personality functioning and the use of a multidimensional assessment of alcohol usage within alcoholic populations was also discussed.

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