Methods for Disaster Mental Health Research

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Norris, Fran H., Galea, Sandro, Friedman, Matthew J., and Watson, Patricia J. (Eds) (2006). New York: Guilford Press. ISBN 1-59385-310-6. xix + 326 pp. $43.00.Mental health professionals are increasingly called upon to treat individuals and help repair social systems disorganized and traumatized by large-scale natural and man-made disasters. With globalization the demands have become worldwide and concerned with cultures, societies, and peoples at all levels of development and socioeconomic achievement. Corollary, is the increasing importance of sound research as a basis for understanding, evaluating, and modifying the consequences of these upheavals. This encyclopedic but easy to read volume offers a valuable and much needed resource to investigators attempting to meet the challenge of disaster research. It reviews key concepts in the field, and presents a framework for formulating research questions, and the most effective designs and methods for answering them, including approaches to sampling and data collection. As such it is an important move toward bringing order to a crucial area of contemporary research.

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