Textbook of Men's Mental Health

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Grant, Jon E. and Potenza, Marc N. (Eds) (2007) Washington D.C.: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. ISBN 1-58562-215-X. xv + 452 pp.The appearance of this volume reflects the increasing attention in recent years given to gender issues in psychiatry. It also comes in an era when a focus on women's issues has become commonplace in the scientific and popular press.The editors present this text in an effort to undo the neglect which they feel has afflicted clinical attention to men's mental health. They state that their primary aim is “to document salient aspects of men's mental health throughout the life span, the clinical presentation and treatment of various psychiatric disorders frequently observed in men, and sociocultural topics of particular relevance to men.” This aim is accomplished in 17 chapters by 30 authors, 13 of whom (like Potenza) are from Yale. Aside from the obvious differences in sexual function it is not always clear that gender differences in mental health concerns require significantly different therapeutic approaches. Nonetheless, this is a worthwhile step in a burgeoning field.

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