Tracking The Black Dog. Hairy Tales and Historical Legwork from Black Dog Institute's Writing Competition

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Evers, Kerrie (2006) Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales Press. ISBN 0-86840-812-3. xi + 206 pp. $29.95 (Australian Dollars). Softcover.The Black Dog Institute, no surprise, is a unit of the University of New South Wales and the Prince of Wales Hospital dedicated to education, practice and research in the fields of depression and bipolar illness. Its Director, Professor Gordon Parker, a member of this Journal's Advisory Board, initiated a writing competition focused on the history and cultural contributions to, and the meaning of, the black dog metaphor for depression. This volume contains the fruits of that competition which attracted more than 300 aspiring authors. They are entertaining and instructive, providing a view of the subject matter which is probably not available from any other single source. It is unclear how many of the authors, if any, are patients, their relatives, investigators, or therapists of persons burdened with The Black Dog.

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