Intensity inhomogeneity correction of multispectral MR images

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Intensity inhomogeneity in MR images is an undesired phenomenon, which often hampers different steps of quantitative image analysis such as segmentation or registration. In this paper, we propose a novel fully automated method for retrospective correction of intensity inhomogeneity. The basic assumption is that inhomogeneity correction could be improved by integrating spatial and intensity information from multiple MR channels, i.e., T1, T2, and PD weighted images. Intensity inhomogeneities of such multispectral images are removed simultaneously in a four-step iterative procedure. First, the probability distribution of image intensities and corresponding spatial features is calculated. In the second step, intensity correction forces that tend to minimize joint entropy of multispectral image are estimated for all image voxels. Third, independent inhomogeneity correction fields are obtained for each channel by regularization and normalization of voxel forces, and last, corresponding partial inhomogeneity corrections are performed separately for each channel. The method was quantitatively evaluated on simulated and real MR brain images and compared to three other methods.

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