Beamformer reconstruction of correlated sources using a modified source model

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This paper introduces a lead field formulation for use in beamformer analysis of MEG data. This ‘dual source beamformer’ is a technique to image two temporally correlated sources using beamformer methodology. We show that while the standard, single source beamformer suppresses the reconstructed power of two spatially separate but temporally correlated sources, the dual source beamformer allows for their accurate reconstruction. The technique is proven to be accurate using simulations. We also show that it can be used to image accurately the auditory steady state response, which is correlated between the left and right auditory cortices. We suggest that this technique represents a useful way of locating correlated sources, particularly if a seed location can be defineda priorifor one of the two sources. Sucha prioriinformation could be based on previous studies using similar paradigms, or from other functional neuroimaging techniques.

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