Reduction of microbleeds by immunosuppression in a patient with Aβ-related vascular inflammation

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To investigate whether the occurrence or clearance of microhemorrhages in cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA)-related vascular inflammation can be modified by immunosuppressive treatment.


Clinical and radiologic follow-up for more than 5 years of a patient with histopathologically confirmed CAA-related vascular inflammation treated with a prolonged and tapered regimen of IV cyclophosphamide and oral steroids.


Under long-term immunosuppressive treatment, a reduced number of cortical micobleeds was observed on repeat MRIs because of both the prevention of new microbleeds and the clearance of those existing at baseline.


Sustained immunosuppression should be considered and systematically investigated as a treatment option for cortical microbleeds in CAA and related inflammatory phenotypes.

Classification of evidence:

This study provides Class IV evidence. This is a single observational study without controls.

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