Supraorbital Doppler studies, carotid bruits, and arteriography in unilateral ocular or cerebral ischemic disorders

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Article abstract

In 122 patients with unilateral brain or ocular ischemia, supraorbital Doppler studies revealed evidence of obstruction in 44 of 51 common or internal carotid arteries having greater than 70 percent stenosis, and in only 4 of 23 arteries with 50 to 70 percent stenosis. Ipsilateral bruits were present in 52 of 74 carotid arteries with greater than 50 percent stenosis, and in 19 of 37 arteries with less than 50 percent stenosis. Only one false-positive Doppler result occurred, and only 15 false-positive midcervical bruits were present in 129 normal carotid arteries. Unfortunately, these studies do not decrease the need for radiopaque arteriography, since in 11 of 53 patients, a potentially operable, symptomatic, nonobstructive common or internal carotid artery lesion would not have been suspected by supraorbital Doppler testing and auscultation alone.

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