Oblique misdirection and slowing of vertical saccades after unilateral lesions of the pontine tegmentum

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Article abstract

Three patients with unilateral lesions of the pontine tegmentum, identified by CT and MRI, had abnormal vertical saccades and slowed ipsilateral horizontal saccades. Attempted vertical saccades were misdirected obliquely, away from the side of the lesion, and their vertical components were prolonged. Oblique saccades had curved trajectories and prolonged durations of their vertical components. Unilateral damage to excitatory burst neurons and pause cells in the medial part of the caudal paramedian pontine reticular formation may cause these abnormal vertical and oblique saccades. Misdirection and slowing of vertical saccades can accompany the paralysis or slowing of ipsilatera1 horizontal saccades caused by pontine damage.

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