Postictal nose wiping: A lateralizing sign in temporal lobe complex partial seizures

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Article abstract

We report postictal nose wiping as a postictal symptom of localizing and lateralizing significance in focal epilepsy. We reviewed videotapes of 444 focal seizures in 101 patients who underwent prolonged video and EEG monitoring during presurgical epilepsy evaluation, and observed postictal nose wiping in 51.3% of 76 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. The hand used to perform postictal nose wiping was ipsilateral to the side of seizure origin in 86.5% of all seizures and in 97.3% of all patients. We conclude that postictal nose wiping is a common, easily assessed symptom after focal seizures of temporal lobe origin that provides reliable lateralizing information on the side of seizure onset.

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