Expression of glioma-associated antigens in pediatric brain stem and non-brain stem gliomas

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We investigated the protein expression of three glioma-associated antigens (GAAs) in pediatric brain stem glioma (BSG) and non-brain stem glioma (NBSG) cases with a view to their possible use in immunotherapy. Expression of EphA2, IL-13Rα2 and Survivin were studied by immunohistochemistry on paraffin-embedded tissues using a series of 15 BSG cases and 12 NBSG cases. Thirteen of 15 BSGs and all 12 NBSGs expressed at least one of GAAs; and 7 BSGs and 9 NBSGs expressed at least two of these GAAs at higher levels than non-neoplastic brain. There was no association between the tumor grade and levels of GAA expression. Although many cases demonstrated diffuse expression of GAAs throughout specimens, partial or patchy expression was noted in a small number of cases, suggesting a need for targeting multiple GAAs in immunotherapy. These results suggest that EphA2, IL-13Ralpha2 and Survivin are suitable targets for developing vaccine strategies for pediatric glioma.

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