Intermittent Footshock Facilitates Dendritic Vasopressin Release but Suppresses Vasopressin Synthesis within the Rat Supraoptic Nucleus

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Emotional stress inhibits vasopressin release from the pituitary but may facilitate its release from the dendrites in the hypothalamus. We examined effects of intermittently applied footshock upon the amount of vasopressin heteronuclear RNA in the hypothalamus. The footshock decreased plasma vasopressin concentration but increased its extracellular concentration within the supraoptic nucleus. The contents of the vasopressin heteronuclear RNA in the supraoptic nucleus were significantly decreased after the shock. These data suggest that intermittent footshock decreases not only vasopressin release from the axon terminals in the pituitary, but also vasopressin synthesis in the cell bodies in the hypothalamus while the stimulus facilitates vasopressin release from the dendrites in the hypothalamus. The data also suggest differential control of dendritic vasopressin release and synthesis in the hypothalamus.

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