Motor neuron disease group accompanied by inclusions of unidentified protein signaled by ubiquitin
Defense mechanism to oxidative DNA damage in glial cells
Expression of macrophage inflammatory protein-1α in Schwann cell tumors
Expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein in developing rat brain after intrauterine infection
Granulomatous meningitis as a late complication of iodized oil myelography
Nonvasculitic autoimmune inflammatory meningoencephalitis
A 14-year-old boy whose T2-weighted MRI showed diffuse high intensity lesions in the cerebral white matter
In Memory of Dr Yoshio Morimatsu (1935–2003)
Genetic pathways to glioblastomas
Investigation of human brain functions using magnetoencephalography (MEG)
Dynamic changes in alzheimer pathology
Neuropsycho-epidemiologic study on clinical dementia rating 0.5 in Japan
Neuropathology of CDR 0.5 from Tokyo Metropolitan Brain Bank for Aging Research
Neuropathologic characteristics of the end stage of Alzheimer's disease
Changes of brain lesions according to age in hereditary cerebral hemorrhage with amyloidosis-dutch type (HCHWA-D)
Development of new transgenic rat models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Facial nerve avulsion as an experimental model for adult motoneuron degeneration
Neuropathology of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (FALS)
Is motor-neuronal cell death apoptosis or not in ALS?
Golgi apparatus of the motor neurons in ALS and in mice models of ALS
Ultrastructural study of mitochondria in the spinal cord of transgenic mice with a mutant SOD1 gene (G93A and H46R)
Pathogenesis and therapeutic approach for spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy
LOH analysis of oligodendrogliomas
Molecular genetics in primary central nervous system lymphomas
Dynamic analysis of glioma cell migration after gene transfer
Detection of chimeric oncogenes using paraffin sections
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) method using pathology archives
Practice of in situ hybridization techinique at the electron microscopic level
The progress pattern of Lewy pathology is not uniform in brains of dementia with Lewy bodies?
The nigro-striatal pathway and nigroamygdaloid pathway show different degeneration process in brains of dementia with Lewy bodies?
Adrenomedullary inclusions increased in Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders
Hepatic catecholaminergic innervation without tyrosine hydroxylase in Parkinson's disease
Immunohistochemical study of sympathetic ganglia
Accumulation of phosphorylated a-synuclein in the brain and peripheral ganglia of patients with multiple system atrophy
A quantitative investigation of neuronal cytoplasmic and intranuclear inclusions in the pontine and inferior olivary nuclei in multiple system atrophy
Heparan sulfate proteoglycan is associated with alfa-synuclein positive neuronal nuclear inclusion and glial cytoplasmic inclusion in multiple system atrophy
Cerebral pathology of multiple system atrophy cases of long duration
Raphe nucleus in progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, and Parkinson disease
The influence of a detergent (TritonX100≔Tx) on tau2 immunoreactive structures in corticobasal degeneration (CBD) and progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP)
Colocalization tau pathology and p62 without ubiquitination in progressive supranuclear palsy
Tau isoforms differ from cerebral cortex and white matter in cases with Parkinsonism-dementia complex on Guam
Argentophilic properties of tau-positive structures in PSP and CBD
Discrepancy between Gallyas and Campbell-Switzer methods in CBD and PSP
Legal and bioethical issues to establish a rain bank based on brain donation system
Immunohistochemical study of hnRNP A2 and B1 in the hippocampus of Alzheimer's disease
Oxidative stress and cell cycle dysregulation in vulnerable neurons of Alzheimer disease
Immunolocalization of 14-3-3 isoforms in brains with Pick body disease
A study of vascular changes in dementia with Lewy bodies
Co-occurrence of astrocytic plaques and tufted astrocytes in frontotemporal dementia
Precentral lesion in Pick's disease with Pick bodies (PDPB)
Clinical features of argyrophilic grain disease
Expression of nicastrin and presenilin1 in rat developing cerebellum
ApoE receptor 2 is involved with senile plaque formation in APP sw mice
An immunotochemical study of perivascular plaques in Alzheimer's disease and cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Kinetics of bone marrow-derived cells in autoimmune inflammation of the central nervous system-perivascular cells, dendritic cells and macrophages
The 14-3-3 protein expressed in reactive astrocytes interacts with vimentin and GFAP in cultured human astrocytes
Immunohistochemical localization of 14-3-3 proteins in human demyelinated lesions
Isolation of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against JCV infection by a newly developed immunoscreening method
Function of agnoprotein in JC virus infected cells
Cooperative localization of JC virus capsid proteins
Neuropathological analysis of the cerebral cortex of SIVmac239-infected macaque
Histiocytic apoptotic necrotizing lymphadenitis in Varicella-Zoster Virus infection with recurrent erythematous papules and lumbosacral radiculoneuropathy
A clinicopathological study of the amebic infectious diseases in the central nervous system in Japan
Establishment of LacZ-labeled mouse and rat Schwann cell lines for transplantation into brain tissue
Nerve damage by Mycobacterium ulcerans causing Buruli ulcer
Immunohistochemical study of sweat glands and dermal nerves. Distribution of synaptophysin
Expression of poly(A) containing RNA in inclusion body myositis
Calcineurin enhances for skeletal muscle regeneration by down-regulating Smad3
Immunohistochemical expression of fukutin and alpha-dystroglycan in the retinas from cases of Fukuyama type congenital muscular dystrophy
Changes of axonal terminals surrounding the dying neuron in the ischemic penumbra
Visualization of reactive oxygen species in a rat model of focal cerebral ischemia with fluorescence probe (HPF)
Long-term analysis of the distribution of eosinophilic neuron and reactiveastrocyte in the cerebral cortex after focal ischemia of Mongolian gerbils
Sequential and spatial profiles of apoptosis in ischemic penumbra after vein occlusion in rat
Gene expression of cyclophilin C-associated protein after focal cerebral ischemia in the rat
Neuroprotective effect of delayed Z-VAD administration in rats with transient middle cerebral artery occlusion
A new model of focal cerebral ischemia in the miniature pig
Immunohistochemical examination of axonal damage in acute ischemia
Histopathological observations on three fatal cases of idiopathic dissection of the circle of Willis
Pathology of encephalo-myo-synangiosis in moyamoya desease model
A new model for experimental transverse myelopathy with easy regulation of the severity and solid reproducibility
An autopsy case of MELAS
Peripheral neuropathy in mitohondrial myopathies
A unique muscle electronmicroscopic observation in a patient with distal myopathy, respiratory failure, and sick sinus syndrome
Adult Onset of respiratory failure associated with severe type 1 fiber atrophy. A case report
Histopathological study in biopsied muscle from a patient with cholchicine myopathy
The roles in Neuregulin in the regenerating muscle of rats
A case of chronic natural killer cell lymphocytosis presenting with peripheral neuropathy
A case of acute autonomic sensory and motor neuropathy associated with disturbance of consciousness and epilepsy
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with argyrophilic grains (AG) presenting dementia
Motor neuron disease with neurofibrillary tangle (MNDNFT) – A new subtype of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with dementia (ALSD)
An autopsy case of sporadic ALS from the neighboring area of ALS focus in the Kii peninsula of Japan
Distribution of NFTs in the brain of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and parkinsonism dementia complex (PDC) of Kii peninsula of Japan
An 72 year-old man with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis accompanied by dementia
Is MND-ID a forme fruste of ALS (with dementia)?
An autopsy case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with dementia (ALSD) with some atypical features
An autopsy case of suspected primary lateral sclerosis presenting with degeneration in the frontal and temporal lobes, and in the pyramidal tracts
An autopsy case of ALS with long clinical course ALS without respirator associated NFTs and Lewy bodies in some nucli of brainstem
An autopsy case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)
An autopsy case of spinal muscular atrophy type 3
The change of micrivasculature caused by the abnormality of the cerebral cortex (II)
An autopsy case of focal brain injury presenting delusion after head injury
Autopsy case of a 74-year-old with lesions in the pons and hallucinations
Clinico-radiolo-pathological correlation in the first presentation of a case of multiple sclerosis
Multinucleated astrocytes in old demyelinated plaques in a patient with multiple sclerosis
An autopsy case of Nasu-Hakola disease
Analysis of nuclear entry mechanism of the JC virus using virus-like particle (VLP)
An autopsy case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
An autopsy case of HTLV-1 associated myelopathy (HAM) combined with extensive infiltration of adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) cells into the spinal cord
A case of leukoencephalopathy that was doubted primary CNS lymphoma
A case of neurocysticerucosis
Case report of intraorbital fungal infection with difficulty of preope rative diagnosis
A case of paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis and cerebellar degeneration associated with malignant T-cell lymphoma
An autopsy case of Lambert–Eaton myasthenicsyndrome (LEMS) with paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD)
An autopsy case of nonherpetic limbic encephalitis
An autopsy case of neuro-Behcet's disease with multiple small softening lesions, undetected in MRI findings
Hypertrophic pachymeningitis in a patient with microscopic polyangitis
A TC insertion in exon 4 of the FTL gene is associated with an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disease characterized by ferritin accumulation in neurons and glia
Neuropathological features of 16q22.1-linked autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia
Increased expression of neuronal cyclooxygenase-2 in the hippocampus in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis both with and without dementia
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor- activated receptor-gamma in sporadic and familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
ER alteration revealed by immunohistochemistry for chaperone in the anterior horn cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
P62 protein and degeneration of neuron and glia in motor neuron diease are related closely
Iba 1 positive activated microglia and neurodegeneration of ALS
Analysis of redox system in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and ALS model animals
Glucose-regulated stress protein 78 (GRP78) immunoreactivity in eosinophilic structures in the spinal cord from ALS model mouse with human mutant SOD1
Immunohistochemical investigation of karyopherin β family in spinal cords from mutant SOD1 transgenic mice
Neuropathology of Machado-Joseph disease, over three generation
Three autopsy cases in a family with Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy
An autopsy case of spinocerebellar ataxia with progressive dementia and family history
Intracellular localization of sumoylation substrates in Neuronal intranuclear hyaline inclusion disease
NEDD8 localizes to the ubiquitinated inclusions in neurodegenerative disorders
Adult-onset intranuclear inclusion body disease, of severe degeneration of the cerebral white matter, with cerebellar ataxia and normal pressure hydrocephalus
Diets enriched with polyunsaturated EPA lower amyloid plaque burden in an Alzheimer disease mouse model
Combined application of confocal lazer fluorescent microscope and enzyme-based double auto-immunohistochemistry is useful to study cerebaral amyloidosis in aging
Remnant plaques
Ultrastructural embedding method of frozen brain tissue and on grid immuno-electron microscopy (EM) of cotton wool plaques (beta amyloid)
Alzheimer's disease with roundish noncored plaques lacking eosinophilia in the inner structure
Atypical senile plaques of a mixed dementia case
Autopsy case of Dementia lacking distinctive histologic fetures
An autopsy case of Pick disease with some atypical clinical features
An autopsy case of FTD with Pick-likeinculusions stained with Gallyas-Braak method
An autopsy case who presented with leg spasticity and dementia, accompanied by mild intracerebral calcification
An autopsy case of dementia of Lewy bodies with abundant argyrophilic grains
An autopsy case of early onset familial Alzheimer disease with 25-year clinical course
Clinicopathological study of 3 cases of myotonicdistorophy
Oligodendrocytes within astrocytes (‘emperipolesis’) in the white matter in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Neuropathological characteristics of the spinal cord lesions in sporadic Creutzfeldt- Jakob disease
Expression of nestin in patients with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
An autopsy case of Gerstmann-Straussler- Scheiker disease (GSS)
An autopsy case with thalamic variant of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, clinically diagnosed as spinocerebellar degeneration
An autopsy case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with a point mutation of the prion protein gene at codon 180
Localization of lipocaline-type prostaglandin d synthase in rat brain
Highly selective localization of leukotriene C4 synthase in brain hypothalamic and extrahypothalamic vasopressin systems
Distribution of leukotriene A4 hydrolase in the murine nervous system
Two types of locomotor hyperactivity induced by focal ischemia in Mongolian Gerbils
Neuropathological features secondary to boron neutron capture therapy for malignant glioblastomas
Hamartomatous gangliocytoma with progressive calcification in medulla oblongata
A case of primitive neuroectodermal tumor showing glial and ganglionicdifferentiation in right parietal lobe of infant
Immunohistochemistry for necrotic pituitary adenomas
A diagnostically difficult case of pineal gland tumor with remarkable granulomatous reaction
Morphological studey, vascular endothelial grows factor, and an adhesion factor of Metastatic brain tumor
An autopsy case of intravasucular malignant lymphomatosis with subacute onset dementia, showing a leukoencephalopathy-like image
Characteristic vascular change after chemotherapy in an autopsy case of angiotrophic lymphoma
Neuropathological study in 10 autopsied cases of primary central nervous system lymphoma
An autopsy case of gliomatosis cerebri with cerebellar ataxia
An autopsy case of congenital anaplastic astrocytoma, infiltrated with feature of low grade pilocytic astrocytoma
Granular cell glioblastoma. Case report
Diagnostic feasibility of anti-Olig2 immunohistochemistry for diagnosis of brain tumor
Detection of HRK alteration in astrocytic tumors
Role of the proteasome in motor neurons of alminum-treated rabbits
Methylmercury poisoning in common marmosets
The effects of prenatal exposure to bisphenol A on the brain development -with special reference to gene expression and neuronal migration and differentiation
Clasmatodendrosis in acute encephalopathies
Pre- and postmorbid morphology of the human pituitary
Clinico-pathological analysis of a familial pituitary adenomas
The Role of Arachnoid in Meningiomas
Radiosensitivity and cell cycle dysregulation in malignant glioma cell lines
Genetic analysis of the phospoinositide 3-kinase subunit genes in human glioblastomas
Morphometric analysis on oligodendroglioma with and without chromosome 1p deletion
The relationship of the expression of MMPs and neovascularization in astrocytic tumors
Immunohistochemical analysis of polysialylated neural cell adhesion molecule expression in neuroepithelial tumors
Angiogenic expression of the nestin gene under the control of its first intron
Cellular dynamics of glioma cell migration in coculture system with endothelial cells
Migration in the neurogenic area promotes neuronal differentiation after intraventricular transplantation of neural stem cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells
Trimethyltin (TMT) induces transient changes in neuronal expression of neuropeptide Y (NPY), and somatostatin (SOM), but not cholecystokinin (CCK) in the rat hippocampus
Regional differences of human cerebellar dentate nucleus
A new mouse model of infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy
Expression of novel cell adhesion molecule
The effects of prenatal low-dose X-irradiation on cerebral cortical development, with special reference to connexin expression
Neuropathological findings in mice lacking the Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF)-1alpha gene in neural cells and exhibiting hydrocephalus after birth
Apoptosis and nonapoptotic cell death in the hippocampus after kainic acid-induced status epilepticus
Morphological abnormalities in synaptic vesicles in a mouse model of spontaneous epileptic seizures (mice lacking μ3B, a subunit of the neuron-specific AP-3B complex)
Morphological investigation and the mode of inheritance of retinal dysgenesis in IER
Neuropathological and genetic analysis of retinal and hippocampal dysgenesis in Ihara Epireptic Rat
Pathological changes of dentate gyrus of temporal lobe epilepsy without hippocampal sclerosis
Histopathological features of cortical dysplasia in surgical specimens from patients with intractable epilepsy
Neuronal differentiation of microhamartoma cells in neurofibromatosis type 2
Pathological consideration of a patient with mimicking leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter
α-synuclein positive structures in sympathetic ganglions of multiple system atrophy
An autopsy case of multiple system atrophy (MSA) with family history of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in sibling
An autopsy case of early stage multiple system atrophy of 15 months duration
An Autopsy Case of Parkinson's disease with tuft shaped astrocytes
Progressive supranuclear palsy that has been clinically considered to be Parkinson's disease and shown satisfactory response to anti-Parkinson's drug medication
Echolalia-palilalia in progressive supranuclear palsy
Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) with asymmetry, first presenting with the right arm motor disturbances
An autopsy case of progressive supranulcear palsy with argyrophilic grains, clinically suspected of corticobasal degeneration
Frontotemporal degeneration with astrocyte-predominant tauopathy and motor neuron disease mimicking corticobasal degeneration
Novel tauopathy with corticospinal tract degeneration
The topography of tau-related pathology in progressive supranuclear palsy
Immunohistological analysis of neurodegeneration in myotonic dystrophy
Systemic degeneration involving substantia nigra, globus pallidus, subthalamic nucleus, thalamus and reticular formation. A case report
Report of the autopsy case suspected pure akinesia clinically
Neuropathology of SCA2 (distribution of ataxin-2, polyglutamine and ubiquitin protein)
Influences of the expanded polyglutamine on neuronal size by morphometric study in the brains of Huntington's disease
Unexpected clinicopathological phenotypes linked to small elongation of CAG repeat in SCA1 gene
An autopsy case of sporadic spinocerebellar degeneration with 46-years duration
Late-adult-onset Alexander disease with cavity formation in the posterior inferior part of the internal capsule
Lysosomal involvement in the pathogenesis of CAG-repeat diseases
Orexin neurons in neurodegenerative disorders
Quantitative analysis of spinal ganglia lesion in neurological disease
A case of infantile spasm developing into Lennox–Gastaut Syndrome, who died of status epileptics at age 28 years
Four sudden death cases of patients with Epilepsy
An 88 year-old man with hippocampal sclerosis, clinically presenting with temporal epilepsy
The expressions of calcium-binding proteins in the cerebral cortex
Hydranencephaly with extensive periventricular necrosis and numerous ectopic glioneuronal nests
Autopsy case of Cockayne syndrome
Neuropathology of vitamin B12 nonresponsive type methylmalonic acidemia
Pellagra and associated encephalo-myeloneuropathy after gastrectomy
Clinical neuropathological investigation of Wernicke encephalopathy
A case of subacute combined degeneration (SCD) due to vitamin B12 metabolic disorder following polycythemia vera
An autopsied case of Sanfilippo A syndrome (MPS III) with severe cerebral cortical involvement
A case of glutaric aciduria type1
Biopsy observation of a case of diabetic striatal disease