Differential expression of glycans in the hippocampus of rats trained on an inhibitory learning paradigm
Quantitative analysis of neurofibrillary pathology in a general population to reappraise neuropathological criteria for senile dementia of the neurofibrillary tangle type (tangle-only dementia)
Expression of Ki-67, Topoisomerase IIα and c-MYC in astrocytic tumors
Locus ceruleus degeneration is ubiquitous in Alzheimer's disease
Age-related changes in histogram pattern of anterior horn cells in human cervical spinal cord
Causes of neuronal heterotopia other than migration disturbances
Mechanism of cerebral fat embolism in subarachnoid hemorrhage
Autopsy case of sporadic Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease presenting with signs suggestive of brainstem and spinal cord involvement
Solitary fibrous tumor of the orbit
Low-grade follicular lymphoma in the dura
Corticobasal degeneration as cause of progressive non-fluent aphasia
Autopsy case of neuro-Behçet's disease with multifocal neutrophilic perivascular inflammation
Pathological and biochemical studies on a case of Pick disease with severe white matter atrophy
A 52-year-old man with hypohidrosis
2006 Japanese Neuropathology Prize
The 40th Neuropathological Meeting of Hokkaido District 3 March 2006
The 92nd Neuropathological Meeting of Kyushu District 22 July 2006